What a team! That is the only expression that can be used to describe the 2019 Rowan County HS Baseball Team.

Their post-season run was one that captured the hearts of the entire community and will be one that will not be forgotten. I do think to really appreciate exactly what we saw out of these young men on the baseball diamond is to look at the numbers they put up this season. This team set records or finished in the Top 10 of statistics by the KHSAA as well as the many, many individual player honors received. It is overwhelming to think a group of young men could reach such pinnacles, but to watch them one would really never know it and that is what I believe made this team so special and so great.

This team was made up of players who genuinely were close and loved each other. They enjoyed being together and having fun on and off the field. You could see it in their smiles and their interactions with each other and the coaches. It was a bond that ran so deep between all of them and those bonds last a life time. Their friendship became more family oriented as a brotherhood developed between them. A typical team that achieved such lofty heights would find itself full of egos and narcissists, but not this team. The love for each other was genuine from the heart and it was expressed everyday. It is what made this team great and escalated their talents even further.

There will be many, many baseball seasons to follow and hopefully just as successful. But let each of us take time to reflect on what we saw by this team which blessed us with so much happiness and pride in our community. What we saw is the true purpose of high school athletics where a group of young men forged friendships through a sport that developed into a brotherhood held together by the single greatest force in the universe and that is love. Thank you Rowan County Baseball for this wonderful season!