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Coach Allen Ravenscraft presents Mason Ravenscraft with his 1,000-point club basketball before the Falcons’ home game against Trinity this season.

Mason Ravenscraft is making it a family tradition.

All his hard work in the gym has paid off as he joined his sister, Morgan Ravenscraft Wages, among the 1,000-point club members at Lakeside Christian Academy.

He is the fifth Falcon to receive this honor behind Wages, Ally McGhee, Phillip Bradley and Mason McGhee.

“It is just spending countless hours in the gym throughout my life. With my cousin, putting shots constantly, every day. It just helped me get to this point,” said Ravenscraft.

In a total of 94 varsity games, Ravenscraft achieved his 1,000th point in the Falcons’ game against Light on Nov. 26. He needed seven points going into the Monday night game and he knocked down three threes in the first quarter. With 2:34 left in the first, Ravenscraft knocked down his third three to crest the 1,000-point milestone.

“The 1,000th point is a big accomplishment. As a freshman, he had to contend with all these seniors, so he didn’t see a lot of playing time. It is just special that he was able to reach this point,” said Coach Allen Ravenscraft.

“I told him he can relax now and just play basketball.”

Ravenscraft has been a member of the Falcon varsity team since his eighth grade year. He scored 35 points his first year as a varsity member. As a freshman, he scored 199 points and as a sophomore scored 212 points.

Ravenscraft truly came into his own last season scoring 458 points.

Coach Ravenscraft is elated with his son’s accomplishment but is overjoyed with the leader and teammate that Mason has mature into.

“Sometimes he shares the ball and passes up shots. That’s just what kind of kid he is,” said Ravenscraft.

The coach recalled Mason giving up an uncontested fast break so that an eighth grade member of the team could score in game against Adams Christian Saturday, Dec. 8.

“I had someone the other night come out of the stands and tell me that they are more proud of him passing the ball than they are of him putting the ball in the basket,” said Coach Ravenscraft.

Ravenscraft is not just satisfied breaking into the 1,000-point club. Ravenscraft now has set his eyes on beating his sister’s record of 1,251 points.

“If I have anyone I would want to beat, it would be her to lead the school in 1,000 points. It is definitely one of my goals,” said Ravenscraft. “I am excited to see what the rest of the season holds.”

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