The boys on the Rowan County track team took first place in Saturday’s Rowan County Invitational. Sixteen schools competed in the 36 events throughout the day.

Rowan took first place in the boys 4x800 meter relay. Runners Patrick Fouch, Joel Lawson, Brad Murphy, and Nathan Ray crossed the finish line in just over nine minutes.

In the boys’ 100 meter dash, Darrell Cross took second (12.2 seconds), Phillip Hodge took seventh (12.47 seconds) and Devan Herald came in eighteenth (1.08 seconds.)

Fouch took third in the 100 meter run while Murphy took seventh. Josh Reynolds came in fourteenth.

Alex Stevens, Hodge, Blake Manning, and Stephen Williamson took second place in the 4x100 meter relay with a time of 46.67 seconds.

Jon Sergent took first place in the boys’; 400 meter dash with a time of 53.79 seconds. Stevens came in sixth with 55.96 seconds.

Darrell Cross took second (42.18 seconds) in the 300 meter hurdles while Will Grey took sixteenth (57.30 seconds.)

In the 800 meter run, Fouch came in first in just over two minutes. Murphy came in sixth at two minutes, 20 seconds. Josh Reynolds came in fifteenth with a time of 2:36 minutes.

Sergent took second with Cross less than half a second behind in third in the 200 meter dash. Brad Thomas came in eleventh.

Danny Weigel came in fourth in the 3200meter dash with a time of 11:29 minutes. Clay Adkins came in eighth (12:14 minutes.)

With a time of 3:43 minutes, Fouch, Stevens, Manning, and Lowell Neeper took first in the 4x400 meter relay.

Ryan Colvin took fourth place as Rowan’s only high-jump competitor.

D.J. Short took first in the pole vault while Zach Kelsey came in eighth.

Sergent jumped 20.05 feet to take first in the long jump. Will Fleck took thirteenth, going just over 17 feet. Sergent took second in the triple jump, going 40.05 feet and Ryan Colvin took ninth with 32.09 feet.

Robert Estes took second place in the discus throw with 101.05 feet. Tyler Stewart took seventeenth at 75.08 feet.

Sean Kelsey took sixth in the shot put competition while Estes came in tenth. Tyler Stewart came in twenty-fourth and Ian McClurg was twenty-fifth.

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