All Star

Rowan County Head Coach Shawn Thacker stands with former players D.J. Townsend, left, and Adam Wing at this weekend’s Kentucky vs. Ohio All-Star game.

    This past Saturday at the Convocation Center on the campus of Thomas Moore College, Rowan County basketball stars Adam Wing, D.J. Townsend and Head Coach Shawn Thacker had the honor of competing in the Kentucky vs. Ohio All-Star Classic.

    The game was setup with 20-minute halves and a 30-second shot clock.  The clock stopped every five minutes to substitute an all-new lineup of players until the last 10 minutes of the second half, when the coaches were allowed to substitute as they saw fit. 

    Wing and Townsend both took honors of starting for their home state.  When it came down to the last 10 minutes of the game, Head Coach Mike Szabo of Trinity High School decided to stick with Wing and Townsend to go for the win.

    As he did for the Vikings, Townsend played commander at the point, while Wing pulled double duty, playing the small forward and power forward positions.  Townsend ended up playing almost 19 minutes and Wing played 17 minutes, taking top honors in the department next to Nathan Dieudonne from Kentucky State Champions, Trinity. 

    Despite falling 116-102, Rowan’s dynamic duo faired well in the showing, with a nice set of stats against some of Ohio’s best players.  Wing ended up with six points, four rebounds, and one assist on the night, while Townsend picked up seven points, including a three-pointer, in addition to a perfect four of four from the free throw line.

    Other players on the Kentucky roster familiar to state Tournament attendees included Nathan Dieudonne of Trinity, Charles Foster of Trinity, Max Clemons of PRP, Jeril Taylor of PRP, Jagos Lasic of Morgan County and Mike Terry of Fairview. 

    The Kentucky All Stars were coached by Mike Szabo of Trinity and assistant coaches Mike Allen of Bryan Station and Thacker of Rowan County.