First down: Riding shotgun

    Rowan coach Kyle Singleton talked last week about how an early win in district competition puts a team in the driver’s seat—a position to control its own destiny moving forward.

    The Vikings’ 42-10 loss Friday turned the seat warmers on and started the engine for Ashland and Johnson Central.

    But the Vikes haven’t been kicked out of the 8th district car just yet.

    With a lot of action remaining on the schedule, Rowan County is still very much in the thick of things. If the Vikes can win out (which includes a very tough match-up with Johnson Central), they can retake the wheel and steer themselves right into the 4A playoffs.

    An upset or two in some district games and Rowan may even be talking home field before all is said and done.

    While the odds are no longer in the Vikings’ favor, it’s important to remember they play the games for a reason.

Second down: Happiness is a warm gun

    While scanning through some articles about MSU athletics, I came across a rather impressive note about Morehead’s rifle team.

    MSU rifle has been ranked 20th nationally. I have to admit I don’t follow rifle as much as I should, but anytime one of our teams is in the national top 20, in any sport, it’s quite an accomplishment.

    I was also interested to learn that the OVC is a bit of a power-conference in the rifle world.

    MSU, at 20, is only the fourth-highest OVC team on the list. Quite a resume for the conference.

    The rifle squad should give Eagle fans something to keep a sharp eye throughout the 2011 season.

Third down: Bang bang, shoot shoot

    Atop that list of rifle notables is Alaska, which I suppose makes a certain degree of sense, given the state’s reputation for hunting and outdoor sports.

    Had I not read any further, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

    But I read on and found Army at number 7.

    Army. As in THE army. Call me crazy, but it seems like that particular program shouldn’t be any lower than first.

    Adding insult to injury, Air Force only ranks ninth, and Navy 11th. 

    Some things transcend the world of sport and irony is one of those things.


Fourth down: I BILL-eve!

    Since the NFL opinions of a community sports writer don’t carry a lot of weight, I’m ready to make a prediction.

    I’ve packed my own hacksaw and I’m headed out on a limb.

    Super Bowl or bust for the Buffalo Bills.

    While “bust” is a lot more likely, it’s still fun to play the game.

    At 3-0, the Bills are the only undefeated team in the AFC. The offense is balanced and orchestrated by a capable and very intelligent QB (Harvard’s Ryan Fitzpatrick) and the defense is much improved from years past.     While the tough AFC East may prove to be Buffalo’s final downfall, it’s important to note the Bills just defeated the Patriots, and the Jets just lost to the Raiders—the team Buffalo beat last week.

    The 2001 Patriots were a long shot. The 2005 Steelers were a Wild Card team. The 2010 Packers were a Wild Card team. Upsets happen, why not Buffalo?


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