Thanks to a motion made by the Rowan County Board of Education, elementary students will now have their own basketball teams.

During June's regular school board meeting, the idea was discussed that fourth and fifth grade students in the county can begin playing the sport within their schools.

The teams will be comprised of both a girls and boys team from each of the elementary schools in the district.

The ability to play on the teams will depend on each student's grades, discipline, absences and tardiness, said Superintendent Marvin Moore.

The coach will be hired by the board and can be either a classified or certified person, but Moore said a certified person must be at the games, according to the school board's insurance policy. The coach would be paid a stipend (A fixed and regular payment, such as a salary for services rendered or an allowance) for his or her services.

The practices and games were suggested to be from September through December. But, board member Jeff Patrick said he would rather the teams play during the months of January, February and March. Moore said this year's team would begin in September and next year he would try Patrick's suggestion to see which one worked best everyone.

Although Moore said he is in favor of seeing the teams develop, he said he does not want students to become too competitive.

"There are two things we are to accomplish with this," he told those attending the school board meeting. "One is to have a good time, and two is to teach basic fundamentals. We don't want to get time into a competitive level at that age."

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