The 7-3 Vikings host their first playoff game since the 1984 season tonight (Friday) against 4-6 Rockcastle County.

I am expecting a hard-hitting football team that will play hard and physical.

We have to come out hard early and get things started. We need to match their hitting and not let penalties and turnovers hurt us.

Offensively Rockcastle is a ground and pound team. They will run the football most of the time. They like to line up and come right at you. They don’t have a lot of different types of runs, but they will try to block and come at you like they have been doing for the last 25 years. They had 20 straight winning seasons until this year. We will have to play well to overcome their grittiness and toughness.

Defensively they are unorthodox. They play goal line defense. They will use a root hog style that most teams save for the goal line 90 percent of the time. They also like to line up in a 3-5-3 look when they think you’re going to pass.

We have to stop their penetration with our offensive line. We need to run the ball offside and run the ball more to make the game as fast paced as we can. We want to get the ball to our skilled players so they can take off with the ball.

We are asking all the fans to wear green tonight. I hope everyone can come out. This is the first time we have hosted a playoff game in 25 years. We need to show this team some more support and make it a festive atmosphere.

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