Haven Ford’s continued growth and development is earning her even more recognition among the region’s top talent.

Ford has improved from 16.6 points per game last season to 19.3 points per game at the conclusion of Monday night’s game.

She has also improved from 5.0 rebounds per game to the team’s top rebounder with 8.2 rebounds per game.

Ford wasted no time getting a jump on the season. She scored 18 points and pulled in 8 rebounds in the exhibition game against the Australian team from Maribyronong College.

She had her first 20-point game in the win over Russell during the EKC tournament. She scored 25 points and just missed the double-double snatching 9 rebounds.

Ford went above and beyond in the overtime loss to East Cater in the EKC championships. She scored 35 points and had 19 rebounds to get the team to overtime and give the Lady Vikings a fighting chance.

Ford had her second double-double in Monday night’s 86-50 loss to Huntington, West Virginia.

She has had nine 20-point games and score double digits in all but two games this season. She has also led the Lady Vikings in scoring in 17 of the team’s 19 games thus far.

Her 19.3 points per game puts her among the State’s top 50 along with Harley Painter from Boyd County and Allie Stone from West Carter. She finish last season fifth in free throw percentages and was among the State’s top 50 three point shooters.

The Lady Vikings coaching staff couldn’t be more happy to have her for three and a half more seasons.

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