The editor:

    I was involved in a one-car accident on Cranston Road on June 23. After flipping and rolling my car, my first image and audio was a man asking me if I was OK. I later learned he was “Mr. Stacey,” whose parents ran Stacey Grocery for so many years on Cranston Road.

    So if anyone reads this and knows Mr. Stacey, please let him know how much I appreciate him and his kindness when I was so scared–actually terrified. He held my hand and a puppy, CoCo, also comforted me. There were other men there, a Wendel Wagoner who was behind me, from Olive Hill. But, Mr. Stacy held my hand. That I remembered clearly, and his kindness. Please let him know how much I appreciate it, and my son Thomas, age 5. He will never know how much that meant to me. Just to hold my hand and comfort me.

    I also want to tell the Rowan Co. residents that your tax dollars are not being wasted at all to fund the EMS system. I have forgotten their names (I’m sorry) but I was treated with respect, kindness and medical professionalism. I was their only concern, and they handled me like I was made of glass. (Good thing, as I had a broken back.) I want to thank them as well. I just wish I could properly do so by remembering their names. I know there was a woman, who helped me save my dress. They were professional, and knew their job. Your tax dollars saved my life. I hope no one else wrecks or has an accident, but should that happen, be assured the Rowan Co. EMS will take great care of you. You will be in great hands. Don’t begrudge, please, the taxes which support them. I could have been paralyzed had they not taken such good care of me.

    So, please, in closing, to let Mr. Stacey know I am so thankful for him and his compassion. Also to Mr. Wagoner who was behind me. And to the guy who called for EMS 2 times, and he was getting upset that EMS wasn’t there yet. But, remember, we were out on Cranston, and it’s not exactly in town, but I did grin at his insistence that they come and come now. Thank you!!!

    I know Cranston Road is full of great people. I am related to a lot – Eshams, Esteps, Clarks, and Planks, as I am Claire Esham, daughter of Lois Esham and the late Tom Esham of Vanceburg. I always drove Cranston Road to get to I-64 for work, as I told my boss that if anything ever happened to me, I would be in good hands, and I was.

    Thank you so much. I will be fine, broken back and all. And my son, Thomas, thanks everyone too for helping his mommy.

    Claire Esham


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