The editor:

I would like to acknowledge and express my sincere thanks to Rick Rader, owner of Fleming County Chrysler for giving me a priceless gift.

My son Craig Baldridge passed away April 20 and since his death, I have received many gifts, but Fleming County Chrysler’s gift touched my heart beyond measure.

Several years ago my son carved the Chrysler emblem, and the words Mopar Performance on a heavy board, which he then made into a heavy coffee table, which was bought by Rick Rader from my son. The coffee table was being used in the showroom at Fleming County Chrysler. When Rick Rader was told who I was and the significance of what the table meant to me, he gave me the coffee table. My emotions could not be contained, I wept openly.

I just want to give Rick Rader a public thank you, and say, I will never forget his generosity to me. The act of giving me the table spoke volumes as to Rick Rader’s character.

Erna Gay Wells


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