The editor:

We all know that spring weather brings showers and flowers; but the warmer weather also provides area cyclists the opportunity to get on their bikes and ride. There are many cyclists here in Rowan County, as well as the surrounding counties, that you will start seeing on the road as the weather continues to get warmer. Please, help keep our local cyclists safe as they pedal by observing the following:

Kentucky House Bill 33, which went into effect on July 14, 2018, requires drivers in Kentucky to keep their vehicles at least three feet away from bicyclists during an attempt to pass.

When mowing your lawn, do not blow your grass clippings onto the street as this creates a safety hazard for both bicyclists and motorcyclists.

Be aware that a cyclist pedaling 12-15 miles per hour (or more) has limited hearing due to the wind they are creating, which means sometimes a rider does not hear you approaching from behind.

If using your horn to signal that you are behind a rider, do not use a single aggressive horn blast, rather use two soft, short beeps as aggressive honks can startle and confuse riders.

For those of you who drive diesel powered trucks, do not “coal roll” cyclists, as this creates a vision safety issue. “Coal Rolling” is when the driver of a diesel powered truck stomps the accelerator to create a thick cloud of black smoke as they pass a cyclist.

If you are a dog owner, and cyclists ride along the road you live on, please be aware that most riders carry pepper spray and will spray your dog if they chase the rider and the rider feels threatened.

Finally, if you see a cyclist with their bike upside down, make sure they are okay.

Thank you for keeping us safe,

Your Cycling Neighbors

submitted by Jeremy Halstead