The editor:

Medicare For All, Single Payer—Lots of good things would happen.

1. All Americans would have health insurance.

2. All Americans would pay less in premiums for Medicare insurance.

3. The overhead of the system would decrease in costs, and save massive amounts of money. Trade paperwork for health care.

4. Your property liability insurance premiums would go down. Why? Most costs of claims relate to health care costs as a result of an injury. Everybody would already have comprehensive health insurance.

5. Your city taxes would go down.

6. Your state income tax would go down.

7. Your county tax would go down, all for the same reason. No need to purchase costly private health insurance for government workers. There are about 100,000 workers in the state of Kentucky, at various levels. City, County, State. Private health insurance costs about $15,000 per year per employee. That total is a staggering 100 million dollars, plus. That would be an annual savings. That saving could lower higher education costs!

8. Additional savings would come from lower overhead costs for both providers, and the Medicare program. How about a savings equal to Kentucky’s entire state budget. Pension Fund help, here we come!

Ewell Scott, MD


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