The editor:

Recently, my husband had a problem with one of his eyes. At the emergency room he was told that this was a very serious condition and if he wanted to save his vision he should see an optometrist the next day. We were given a list of local optometrists to contact.

The next morning I called the first name on the list and I explained what the ER doctor had told us. I also told them that my husband is a veteran and normally sees the doctors at the VA but this was obviously not an option at this point; however, I was told that they were booked solid and would not see him.

I then called the next number on the list, which was Dr. Tom McHugh. Dr. McHugh had never seen my husband previously but as soon as I explained the situation, I was told that he was also booked up but they would work him in and to bring him in as soon as possible.

Dr. McHugh treated my husband for several weeks, often staying late when my husband’s dialysis ran later. He also came into his office on days when he was not usually open just to see my husband. Thankfully, due to Dr. McHugh’s diligence, my husband’s eye condition was successfully resolved.

We are so grateful to Dr. McHugh and his staff and feel very fortunate to have such a competent, dedicated and caring doctor in our town.

Andrea Anderson


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