The editor:

One of the most talked-about topics today is immigration. Readers of The Morehead News might want to know that some concerned citizens have recently been meeting to discuss how better to understand immigration as it relates to our own lives, and to know what actions might be appropriate to take locally in this regard.

We organized a forum last month which featured two presenters who are attorneys working with immigrants; two others who described their journey from another country to residency and legal status in Morehead; one, a retired physician, who recently provided medical care in Tijuana, Mexico, to persons arriving at the U.S. border; and a representative from Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Lexington.

The forum was attended by around 50 persons, and we feel it was very informative.

In the meantime, we are investigating what various faith communities have to say about the subject (many have policy statements of some sort on how Christians should regard immigrants).

We have sought as well to learn more about how the status of those entering our country is being determined, and how persons entering are classified, how they are treated, and why.

For example, a “refugee” is fundamentally different from an “immigrant,” just as immigrants themselves fall into different categories according to law.

We hope as well to interview one or two immigrants for local media in order to provide a better picture for the public of what is involved.

We want to know, and want to help others to know, how all of us who share an interest in this issue can become involved appropriately.

We hope in the near future to bring some clarity to these questions for Morehead and the surrounding area, and then to help ourselves and others who are interested know better what we might do to help.

Concerned Citizens for Migrants: Connie Ackerman, Diehl Ackerman, Ann Colbert, Mark Minor, India Watkins, Rev. Rose Taul

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