The editor:

I am so proud of our town Morehead, Kentucky. As one drives through town at night, you can see how beautiful is looks all decorated up for Christmas.

It reminds me of all the years my husband and I would walk down Main Street to look at all the windows decorated so beautiful at Christmas time, Christmas lights all lit up. Sometimes a big snow would be on the ground, just added to the beauty of our town. Makes you think of Jesus Christ our Savior, how bright His light shines. He is the light of the whole world and this time of year brings the love of Jesus out of people, one forgets self so much and thinks of others, how you can help.

From Thanksgiving through New Year's people are more thankful and joyful. A reminder of what our Savior Jesus Christ did for us. We should always be thankful to Him for giving us life, and be thankful to Him we still have freedom in America, thank Him for our men and women fighting for peace, also our firemen and police officers that work for peace and safety. Always remember them in prayer. God bless all to have a safe and happy and a very merry Christmas.

Eulalia Blevins


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