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I have only been living in Morehead, Kentucky for five years off and on, but in that time, I have grown so much as a woman.

I came to Kentucky as a college student interested in the Veterinary Technology program at Morehead State. I have since graduated, but I just cannot find the heart to leave this city. The green, rolling hills have become my safe haven—a definite far cry away from where I was born and raised in central Indiana.

From the minute I stepped foot into this foreign land, I have been utterly fascinated with the culture, people and rich history of this region. My favorite hobby is to scour the shelves at the Rowan County Public Library for Morehead history books that I have not yet seen before.

I love to marvel at the old photographs, learn about past businesses and envision what life was like here back in the old days. Maybe I should have been a history major? I would love to learn more about the small businesses in this area and learn why they started and what their ambitions are. I feel like there are so many stories that need to be told. I could go on forever about my thoughts and experiences with this city but no matter what, Morehead, Kentucky will always have a piece of me.

(The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Sidney Resler)