We offer some kudos this week to several acts of generosity and kindness found in our local community in recent weeks.

A big thank you goes out today to St. Claire HealthCare for the system’s extensive support of local non-profits and those in need. One small example of this is St. Claire’s recent donation of two wheelchairs to be used for people with disabilities when they are in the courthouse. This is a single act of philanthropy in a much larger pattern of caring about the community. It is yet another example of generosity from St. Claire -- we as a community appreciate the donation and the countless examples of support for those who can use a helping hand.

We also want to give a big shout out today to all of our volunteer fire departments who are working to protect us. They work tirelessly in order to protect our safety. Often times we think public safety can be taken for granted, and this is especially true of all the volunteers who sacrifice time, money and put their lives at risk to help others. Along this line we take note of the work by the Route 377 Volunteer Fire Department recently in securing a new fire engine.

“This truck should last us up to 35 years in this community and we are very excited to receive it,” said Danny Blevins, Route 377 training officer.

The fire engine is an added asset for a lot of reasons -- one is it can be used for fighting fires in wildland and forested areas. A FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant and a loan from the Kentucky Fire Commission, along with local funding, makes it possible. We congratulate the Route 377 crew for upgrading their equipment and doing what is necessary to protect us all.

Some more kudos goes out this week to fifth grader Kaylee Barnes. The student at Ersil P. Ward Elementary School in Fleming County organized a community service project that led to the donation of 245 pairs of socks to the Gateway Homeless Shelter in Morehead. She asked third through sixth graders to donate socks for any age or size. Socks were collected in classrooms and donated by the 11 year old with the help of all her fellow students.

We write about all these instances of hard work, dedication and philanthropy for one reason today -- to humbly point out how much good there is to be found in this region. Whenever one is saddened by the news of the world we can take heart in the fact that there is so much goodness here. There are businesses, volunteers, citizens and youth who wake up every day to make their world a better place, as each of these examples attest to.

For this, we offer up a most sincere thank you for everything you do. And, we recognize for each one of these examples highlighted in the newspaper, there are countless more carried out quietly, behind the scenes, in the name of what is good and right. It is a special region of the country we live in -- a region with great people, and we take a moment today to recognize as much.