Traffic light

Traffic lights along KY 32 and US 60 are becoming an increasing headache for an ever-growing number of travelers who use these two state-maintained roads.

Unlike in larger cities, the traffic lights on these two paths are not synced and often cause frustration for drivers who seemingly get stopped at every lighted intersection.

This becomes highly evident during busy times, like now during the holiday season, at the intersection of KY 32 and Interstate 64. Four traffic-controlled intersections exist within a short distance of each – the Kroger Center, west on/off ramp, east on/off ramp and the intersection near Cracker Barrel.

These areas become highly congested during rush hour with traffic often backing up through one intersection or more.

In larger cities, like Huntington, West Virginia, their largest arteries, Third and Fifth Avenues, are synced so if you get stopped at one light, you will catch the rest of the lights green once you get started moving again – provided you drive at an appropriate speed. Cincinnati does this as well.

By contrast, if you are traveling down KY 32 near the former middle school, you will likely be stopped at each of those red lights, adding significant time and frustration to your commute.

Not to mention the added wear and tear on transmissions and carbon dioxide emissions from fuel burnt idling at these intersections and from taking off once the light does turn green.

Traffic control devices are a necessary evil in our lives, but a little work on part of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet could make our lives a little easier.

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