We have some shout outs of appreciation to dole out in today’s edition.

The first goes to Steve Young. As Daneyl Tackett wrote recently, Young has been deeply involved in the preservation of Morehead’s history with railroads, educating students at Morehead State and coaching sports.

This in turn led to Young being nominated for and winning the Ora Cline award, the most prestigious award given by the Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce to a caring, supportive community-minded individual with perseverance and patience.

“It was totally unexpected. Caught me absolutely by surprise. I think my mouth dropped open, literally,” said Young.

It is not a surprise to anyone who knows Mr. Young. They describe a long-term commitment to Rowan County demonstrated through projects like the History and Railroad Museum, creating educational TV shows during his time at MSU and coaching a little league team, Young has been very involved in community service and making Rowan County a better place to live.

“It’s like a well. A well is there to nourish you and provide water for you, but a well has got to have some means of replenishment, some way to keep it going. The way you keep a community going is through community service,” said Young.

Mr. Young we say thank you for all your hard work and dedication to community. The honor, and the award, are well deserved.

Another congratulations goes out this week to Rowan County Senior High School’s Bradley McKinney who was named the Kentucky Agriculture Teacher of the Year in Lexington recently. 

“It's a high honor to be an outstanding agriculture teacher in the state of Kentucky,” McKinney said. 

McKinney is in his 13th year of teaching ag to students in the Commonwealth. Under his guidance 35 students have been industry certified in agriculture. McKinney said his goal is to teach students to "appreciate agriculture and show them the opportunities and skills that can be learned in the FFA."

We congratulate Mr. McKinney as well. There are few tasks as important in America as planting the seeds for careers in agriculture in our youth. This prestigious award continues a tradition of teachers in the county receiving recognition for a job well done. It speaks volumes to Mr. McKinney's career and also to the great job being done in our local schools by our educators.