Morehead State’s resident high school, Craft Academy, received some major accolades as of late.

The school has been named one of the nation’s top high schools. Twenty-seven schools from 12 states, two of which were in Kentucky, were added to the Jay Mathews Public Elites List for their high ACT scores and GPAs.

“They will be impacting the world at large,” Carol Christian, director of the Craft Academy, told The Morehead News. 

Sophomores interested in an early college start can compete for admission to this university campus residential school for those in grades 11 and 12. Graduates of this STEM academy receive a high school diploma and 60 to 72 hours of college credit.

Christian said this year’s graduates had an average ACT score of 31, roughly 11 points above Kentucky’s average, and an average institutional GPA of 3.57, which could be up to a 3.9 in a public high school’s standard. Amazing.

Make no mistake about it -- this is a major accomplishment. It speaks volumes about the local student talent we have in this region and it also speaks volumes about the incredible educational assets to be found at Morehead State. Craft is teaching and educating our leaders of the future.

We are thankful for the leadership at the school, and we are also thankful for all of the amazing educational resources to be found at Morehead State. This national award is a major accomplishment and is a source of pride for everyone involved in the school as well as everyone at MSU.