Beards appear to remain in style, despite the fact (yes, the fact) that many women don’t like them.

Some do, however.

I did a little research on hair vs. bare and found about 30% of women prefer some facial hair; 10% like lots of facial hair and 60% prefer clean shaven, according to

Some quotes from beard lovers:

• “My husband’s beard is nicely trimmed and shaped and closely cropped to his face. If he had a ZZ Top beard, I might have another opinion.”

• “If a woman says she doesn’t like men with beards, she just hasn’t met the right bearded man.”

• “My husband’s beard is starting to go gray on the edges, which is sexy and also reflects the fact that he is aging and growing more wise with time.”

• “My husband is losing the hair up top and it gives him a very edgy, sexy look to have a shaved head and a salt and pepper beard.”

And then, there are the haters.

• “Sometimes I appreciate the way they look on certain men from afar especially when the beards are shorter and well-groomed, but generally speaking, I dislike them and I have never dated anyone with a beard.”

• “Beards: Hate them, sorry. Kissing a guy with a scratchy beard is like kissing a big thick brush. Ruins the romance.”

• “The worst part about meeting a man who has a beard is that he can never shave it because you don’t know how he’ll look without a beard. Have you ever dated a man with a beard who turned into a boy after shaving?”

• “Do I like beards on men: I do not like beards on men, especially young ones. I feel it makes them look older. Honestly, I really do not understand the whole beard trend anyway.”

• “I think hirsute guys would shave if they could mentally picture kissing a woman with a beard or mustache.”

• “Men’s facial hair makes me think a man is trying to hide his face (or something about his personality) or to distract me from the fact that he is losing his head of hair.”

My take on beards is more complicated.

It’s a superficial affectation, so it has no real bearing on the man. It’s his character and personality that matter.

However, looks wise, it depends on the man, what he’s comfortable with and how he pulls off the look.

Ultimately, it’s not my decision. I wouldn’t want someone telling me how to wear my hair and I don’t tell someone how to wear theirs, even if it is on their face.

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