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Vandalism is a concern at many cemeteries, such as the Mabry Cemetery at Cranston, where a motorists did “donuts” in the grass.

(This is the first of six articles about the cemeteries maintained by the Cranston Cemetery Association.)

The Mabrys moved to Rowan County from Virginia around the turn of the last century. On July 9, 1906, James Anderson Mabry obtained 182+ acres of property on Cranston Road. Relatives of the Mabry's, Henry Clay and Mary Dalton, buried two of their sons on the Mabry farm (one in 1907 and the other in 1909). Since the cemetery was located on the Mabry farm, it became known as the Mabry Cemetery.

To reach the Mabry Cemetery from the junction of I-64 and Rt. 32, go west on Rt. 32 one mile, then turn right on Rt. 377 (Cranston Road). In 2.7 miles the Mabry Cemetery will be on the right. There are approximately 40 people buried here, the oldest being Dorothy Edith Mabry (April 25, 1896-October 1, 1997) who lived to be 101 years old. The following surnames are represented in the Mabry Cemetery: Egan, Adkins, Flannery, Haney, Ball, Dalton, Morehouse, Ratliff, Hager, Mabry, Alderman, and Largin. Burials are still being accepted.

Three veterans are buried in the Mabry Cemetery: Henry Clay Dalton, Confederate Army of the Civil War; Fred D. Ball, World War II; and Roger Douglas Haney, ILT US Army, Vietnam.

The Mabry Cemetery wasn't initially part of the Cranston Cemetery Association. It was accepted into the Association on October 17, 1997, for a one-year trial period. It was fully accepted on October 16, 1998.

Ruby Hogge Mabry was very influential in getting the cemetery accepted into the Association.

She submitted the letter requesting acceptance. At that time she indicated there was a potential for 20 members to join. She reported that Jim Mabry was taking care of the cemetery. Ruby paid for a new fence surrounding the cemetery and the following family members constructed it: Jim Mabry, Helen Mabry Mardis and John Mardis. Jim Mabry remains the cemetery overseer.

It is interesting to note that Ruby Hogge Mabry’s father, H. Tildon Hogge, donated the land for Tilden Hogge Elementary School, and Ruby later donated property behind it, called "Ruby's Hillside," for an outdoor classroom. Members of the Hogge family also donated the land for the Hogge Cemetery next to Tilden Hogge Elementary School. Ruby Hogge Mabry was buried in the Mabry Cemetery in December 2012. More information about this fascinating woman is on the Cranston Cemetery Association Facebook page:

The Cranston Cemetery Association asks your help in building its maintenance fund to ensure respectful care of the Sardis, Hogge, Steagall, Cranston, Caudill and Mabry cemeteries. Please make checks payable to “Cranston Cemetery Association” and mail to Jim Mabry, Treasurer, 280 Pond Lick, Morehead, KY 40351. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will be glad to include you on the Association’s mailing list. The Cranston Cemetery Association's new Facebook page will keep you updated on the Association's history, meetings, cemeteries, etc.; please like and share it with your friends.

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