FRANKFORT—I’m old enough to remember when “liberal” wasn’t a four-letter word, before it became a powerful political condemnation in Kentucky politics.

We salute Rowan County veterans like Paul McKenzie, 92, who served during World War II in Germany in the 242 Infantry, Rainbow Division, and all other veterans who have served to protect our great country.

FRANKFORT — We’re frequently told an upcoming election is the most important of our lifetime. It’s just as frequently an exaggeration.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear today, I still believe with all of my heart that America is the grandest nation in the world and that Americans are the kindest, most welcoming and incredibly generous human beings anywhere.

Fox, of Kentucky State Police Post 8 in Morehead, received the Leadership Award for KSP Telecommunications Academy Class 13 that graduated Oct. 19.

BOWLING GREEN — The program was “Democracy and the Informed Citizen,” and the starting point, so relevant to today’s politics, was Robert Penn Warren’s timeless novel, “All the King’s Men.”

FRANKFORT — He declined to be quoted by name, declining even to say why. He’s a registered Democrat in Bath County and he thinks Democratic challenger Amy McGrath will defeat Republican Congressman Andy Barr in the rural county.

FRANKFORT — For those sick of negative attack ads in political campaigns, it’s probably little consolation that they’re nothing new.

FRANKFORT — In the late 1990s, I recall seeing bumper stickers on cars across Kentucky which proclaimed “Education Pays.”

L’Shae Black was crowned 2018 Rowan County Senior High School Homecoming Queen on Oct. 5. She was escorted by Trevor Utterback.

FRANKFORT — I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, if you’re pro-choice or pro-life, if you think Brett Kavanaugh would be a great addition to the country’s highest court or a disaster and threat to women’s rights.

The festival celebrated its 20th year on the shores of Cave Run Lake last weekend. More than 3,200 students from more than 20 regional schools attended, as well as thousands from the public.

We salute the annual Morehead festival, the vendors and participants for another successful event. The 2018 festival had the second highest ticket sale since it started in 2011.

FRANKFORT — I’ve written previously here about constitutional arguments over Senate Bill 151, the now notorious “sewage bill” which evolved into a pension reform bill.

The Vikings have not been ranked in the AP Top 10 poll since 2010. This week they broke into the ranks in State 4A Football. They are 4-1 on the season.

The 50 images about Rowan County on display at the Morehead Conference Center are just a teaser to what’s to come. But even with those 50, the depth is amazing.

We salute the hundreds of volunteers and first responders who helped in flood relief efforts and helped search for a missing 8-year-old boy.

FRANKFORT — More than 200 years ago, a remarkable collection of genius gathered in Philadelphia and created a “new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” At the time, it was an unquestionably radical and revolutionary proposition.

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