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If you haven't already noticed the new signage at Rodburn Hollow Park, you need to check it out. Thanks to a grant from the District and Local Rotary Club, Friends of Rodburn, Morehead Tourism, and local citizens, Rodburn Hollow Park has some impressive new signage.

You will first notice the Welcome signs at both entrances which will also “thank you” for your visit as you leave. The newly upgraded kiosk contains information about the park and its inhabitants, included upcoming events and other activities in Morehead which might be of interest to park visitors.

There are two new tree plane tables which help to identify the trees in the park. The history of the park is outlined on one sign, and the geologic history is displayed on another. There are new trail interactive “flip” signs throughout the park, which allow you to open up each sign and read about various aspects of the park, such as water bars, forest layers, lichens, box turtles, etc.

Friends of Rodburn Hollow Park utilized the grant from the District and Local Rotary to build or purchase the signage. FOR focused upon 'keeping it local' as much as possible by utilizing local talent in the use of designs provided by Walt Rybka for the tree table. Rybka also engraved the informational plates for the tables. Materials and products were also purchased locally from area businesses: Caudill Signs, Glover Glass, Big Four Lumber, and Frank Patrick Customs.

A fairy village has been installed to encourage young builders to use natural materials like rocks, twigs, moss and leaves to construct homes for the fairies and gnomes.

A scavenger hunt form, designed to help you interact with the new signs, can be found on the Friends of Rodburn Hollow Park Facebook page.

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