Jones Ridge Fire

CLEARFIELD Fire crews have extinguished a woodland fire on Jones Ridge Road.

The blaze took hold after Michael and Freda Cornett, the property owners, set fire to brush they were clearing from their property.

They cleared a large circle around their burn area, following Michael's experience as a retired firefighter.

However, the blaze became uncontrollable when wind picked up and caused embers to set fire to leaves outside the cleared circle.

"We raked until we couldn't rake anymore," Freda said, explaining they were trying to prevent the fire from spreading.

The Cornetts were most worried the fire would claim their nearby barn which houses two trailers, a tractor and other items they consider valuable. The fire, however, moved away from the structure.

At one point, the fire came within 20 feet of a shed that is close to their home, but was quickly knocked back when firefighters arrived on scene.

Engine 9, Brush 1, FR-1, FR-2, Tanker 1, Tanker 2, Chief 300, Chief 301 responded to the fire. Firefighting operations were successful and no structures were damaged. 15 members responded to the call.

The article was updated on Friday, Jan. 10 at 2:25 p.m. with additional information on the fire department's response to the call.