MOREHEAD All customers on both Rowan and Bath water systems are currently on a boil water advisory thanks to heavy rains late last week.

The Morehead Utility Plant Board (MUPB) started the advisory at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, after being unable to treat water and bring it within allowable drinking standards.

Flood waters from last week's heavy rainfall cannot be properly treated.

MUPB sells water to Rowan Water, Inc. and Bath Water, Inc. which then resell the water to multiple other water districts in Rowan, Elliott, Morgan, Montgomery, Fleming, Carter, Menifee and Bath counties -- all of which are affected by the boil water advisory if they receive water from MUPB.

If you're unsure if your water comes from MUPB, contact your water provider.

Bath and Rowan County schools closed Monday due to the water emergency.

In a separate press release on Monday, MUPB said it could up to three more days before water would be safe enough to drink again.

"We have begun to strategically flush our distribution to push out and eliminate the contaminated water," Holly McGrath-Rosas said. "Once we have completed the system wide flushing, we will begin our microbiological sampling throughout the system for two consecutive days."

McGrath-Rosas is the general manager of the MUPB.

"We estimate continuing the boil water advisory for another 48-72 hours, pending no additional unforeseen development," McGrath-Rosas added on Monday.

On Tuesday, Dec. 3, MUPB said they produced 7.4 million gallons of "excellent quality water" on Monday. They expect to treat the same amount of water on Tuesday also.

Crews are continuing flushing the distribution system. They are also monitoring tank levels and water quality.

Two consecutive days of satisfactory microbiological testing results are required before the boil water advisory can be lifted.

According to a station operated by John Quesinberry, Morehead received approximately 3.45 inches of rain in total last week.

Quesinberry’s weather station is located on Knapp Avenue.

Another weather station reported that Morehead received approximately 1.21 inches in the same time frame.

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