Charles Gillock

Charles Gillock, a client at D&S Community Services, uses the new swing at the agency. The swing is self-propelled, which allows anyone at any ability level the opportunity to use it. (Photo by Megan Smedley)

For many, the ability to sit down and swing is something taken for granted.

However, thanks to the compassion of a local community member, it is something all of the clients at D&S Community Services will be able to enjoy.

Dale Crouch, a local contractor, recently designed and built an all-inclusive, self-propelled swing, which will allow all clients of D&S, regardless of their ability level, the opportunity to swing.

LeaAnn Creech, D&S director, says this is the first in the area, and hopes it will inspire other community agencies to do the same.

“We serve people all across the spectrum of disabilities, and everyone has been able to benefit from this,” says Creech. “A lot of individuals who have disabilities miss out on the simple pleasures of something like swinging. This changes that.”

D&S currently serves nearly 150 clients, with one-third of those being from Rowan County.

The organization serves individuals from Rowan, Montgomery, Bath, Boyd, Lawrence and Greenup counties.

Creech says she believes this swing set will add to the quality of life for the clients she serves, because it is not only recreational for her clients, but it is relaxing.

She added that it also promotes inclusion and helps combat loneliness.

D&S provides services to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, with programs and services specially designed to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities realize a life of independence and self-determination.

Along with the swing at D&S, the city has agreed to have two swings at city park, which will be located at the playground and at the splash pad.

Morehead Mayor Jim Tom Trent said these swings will be pre-manufactured, due to liability issues.

Rowan County resident Toby Glover began fundraising for the two swings after seeing video of the swing at D&S being used.

Trent says the city has agreed to pick up the difference between what is raised and the cost of the swings.

Those wishing to donate to the swing project, visit Kendyl and Friends Foundation website at and click on the PayPal link.

Just make sure to note on the transaction it is going toward the Morehead City Park project or funds will be delivered to the group’s general fund.

Checks can also be made payable to the foundation (Kendyl and Friends Foundation) with the memo of Morehead City Park. That check can be dropped off at Good Shepherd Printing, the Rowan County PVA Office, or Glover’s Glass.

Megan Smedley can be reached at or by telephone at 784-4116.

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