MOREHEAD Mayor Laura White-Brown has signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in Morehead.

The order was signed Friday, March 20. It says the mayor is exercising her authority granted through executive orders and through utilization of city personnel, services, equipment and any necessary acts to manage the emergency.

A second executive order was signed March 20, extending the deadline for filing net profit tax return and paying any tax due. The filing is extended from April 15 to June 15.

Quarterly payroll taxes for the first quarter ending March 31 will remain due on or before April 30.

White-Brown has ordered all departments of the city to coordinate and cooperate with the Rowan County Health Department, Kentucky Department for Public Health, and any federal agencies to respond to threats presented by the coronavirus.

The order also states that the city will provide information to individuals, businesses, organizations and others to best prepare and respond to the COVID-19 State of Emergency declaration.

The declaration will remain in effect until canceled by another executive order when White-Brown determines the state of emergency no longer exists, and taking extraordinary measures are no longer required for the protection of public health, safety and welfare.

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