FRANKFORT (March 19, 2020) – Secretary of State Michael G. Adams, acting on his promise to ensure ballot integrity and enhance public confidence in our election system, told the House Standing Committee on Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs this morning that counties using electronic ballot machines should move to using only paper ballots as soon as fiscally possible.

Adams spoke in favor in House Bill 638, sponsored by Rep. Nancy Tate of Meade County. The measure would require all Kentucky counties to select paper-balloting machines when they next replace their existing voting machines. Adams stated that he’s found universal support for this approach across the ideological spectrum. Paper balloting addresses concerns about vote fraud, foreign interference, and the ability to conduct a thorough recount.

“Our elections are secure, but a paper trail for every Kentucky voting machine will enhance ballot integrity and public confidence in our elections,” Secretary Adams explains.

House Bill 638 passed through committee without a dissenting vote and now heads to the House floor.

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