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From left, Josh and Jared Ravenscraft outside their store New Frontier Outfitters.

Hard work, consistency, perseverance, confidence and attitude brought the love of the outdoors from the childhood of two brothers at a Rowan County farm to their own storefront and now worldwide in only two years.

Josh and Jared Ravenscraft created New Frontier Outfitters in 2017 and opened a store on 139 East Main Street less than one year ago to sell outdoor apparel and season-specific gear for travel and adventures. On Thursday, June 6, they won the New Business Award from the Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce.

“That award is just a reminder that it takes hard work, it takes patience and it really just encompasses all the endless hours it takes to operate a local business and to give back to the community and give back to this town,” said Josh.

While the Morehead store is the only brick and mortar store they own, they do ship their goods to other states and overseas.

“We’re very proud to be from east Kentucky and represent Eastern Kentucky and Appalachia. That’s something we’re very proud of because there’s not many brands, if any, that come out of here,” said Jared. “When we ship orders to Spain or Israel or Colorado, they’re seeing Morehead, Kentucky, on every package.”

Josh and Jared are Morehead natives. Josh, 22, is a current student at Morehead State University and Jared, 26, received a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications.

“I’d like to think we’re just adding to Morehead’s success,” said Jared.

The next step for New Frontier is an outdoor retailer show in Denver, Colorado, where they will be showing their products with brands like Patagonia, North Face, Eddie Bauer and LL Bean.

“You have five-year goals, you have 10-year goals, but I would say the five-year goal for us would be to expand our brand and keep gaining a following, and at the same time open up flagship stores in other cool mountain town locations,” said Josh.

New Frontier has considered locations near Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, and near ski resorts in Colorado where people would benefit from their products.

For questions about New Frontier Outfitters, call (606) 462-7140, message them on their Facebook page or contact them at

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