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The Rowan County PVA office has uploaded every piece of the office’s information onto an online database, eliminating the need to utilize the decades old paper file format. (Photo by Brad Stacy)

The days of digging through the thousands of individual historical documents to find information through the Rowan County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) are now over.

Just recently, Carmen Eldridge-Swim, Rowan PVA, hired a Paducah company to move every historical PVA document onto their online database.

The PVA is a state office with county jurisdiction. The PVA is a locally-elected official who has the responsibility to appraise and assess at the fair market value all property that lies within the county.

The PVA office is responsible for keeping a record of ownership for every parcel of real estate in Rowan County. Individual property is identified by the proper name, address and map number, which appears on your tax bill.

The PVA is required by law to assess property at fair cash value. The Constitution states that all property be assessed at “100 percent Fair Market Value” unless specifically exempted. The determined amount for each parcel appears on your tax bill under the heading of “Assessed Value.”

The PVA does not apply taxes, print the tax bills, mail the tax bills, or collect property taxes.

The company, DRMS, spent five days and scanned all the PVA information and uploaded all the images to the digital account. All the hand-written notes and photos also are now on the new database.

“We are not updating property cards any more. Those are there now for strictly historical purposes only,” said Swim. “All our information, past and future, will be in the digital database.”

That means banks, realtors, and other subscribers no longer need to try to dig through the paper documents to find something that may have not been uploaded digitally. Everything is online.

For a small fee, you can subscribe to the service, eliminating the need to travel to the PVA office.

Those who are not subscribers, instead of combing through the paper documents in the PVA office, will utilize one of the many computers within the workplace.

The Rowan PVA office is located in the courthouse at 600 W. Main Street.

For more information on everything Rowan County PVA, visit www.rowanpva.com or call 784-5512.

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