MOREHEAD – Chuck Mraz has a primary goal in his new position as the chair of the newly reformed city-county joint parks and recreation board.

The board reformed over the summer as ongoing efforts to unite city and county resources continue.

And by sheer coincidence, the board voted for Mraz to chair the board.

Mraz hopes to see progress in development of a new community park before his term expires in September 2022.

“I’d like to see a park that everyone can use,” Mraz said.

He used the dog park at city park as an example with its popularity but believes it can be improved upon by developing that into a larger park that would provide our canine companions with more room to roam.

However, he would like to see the park have something for everyone, of all ages.

The Chicago-area native has an extensive background in baseball, having worked for a small radio station in south Illinois before later coaching the same sport at the high school level.

The Parks and Recreation Board primarily serves as a recommending board to the city and county on events or activities that would promote the use of local parks or engage local residents in various recreational activities.

One way their doing that is by establishing a fund through Bluegrass Community Fund. The Fund is a Lexington-based non-profit agency that acts as an umbrella for fundraising.

“There are a lot of people who don’t want to give to the government,” Mraz said. “But doing it this way they can donate to a private fund.”

The local fund will officially be known as the Morehead-Rowan County Recreational Programs and Facilities Fund.

This also opens up the opportunity of being able receive anonymous donations. A person may want to donate a certain sum of money for a certain cause to Bluegrass Community Fund and ask them to distribute it.

If, for example, the donor asks for their money to help a parks and recreation organization, then the local fund may benefit from the donation.

The local fund will have a complete and separate board from the Parks and Recreation Board; the latter has no fiscal power, only recommending power.

The Parks and Recreation Board will meet again on Monday, Dec. 9 at noon, on the second floor of the Laughlin Health Building.

Cory Claxon can be reached at or by telephone at (606) 784-4116.

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