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Fleming County High School’s Student Council began collaborating with Morehead State University’s Student Government Association in the fall of 2018.

This began when the Vice President of Student Affairs, Russell F. Mass, along with SGA President at the time, Brandon Bryers, paid a visit to FCHS. At the time, no one knew how big of a role MSU’s Student Government Association would play in influencing local Student Council.

They have not only helped increase the morale at FCHS, but they have also helped the council grow their leadership skills through their mentorship. Since Student Council is all about mentoring others, whether that be students at the high school or kids at the elementary schools through the Buddy Program, it worked out perfectly.

MSU’s SGA was able to provide an outlet for the council to get its own form of mentorship. Not only that, many trips have been made back and forth between the schools, allowing the group to form a stronger relationship. They even helped give the council the privilege of ushering at MSU’s graduation this past May.

Student Council is so grateful for everything the SGA program has done for them this past year. They are excited to work with this year’s SGA President, Colby Birks, and continue the amazing relationship between the groups.

It is because of Mr. Robert F. Mass that they have been able to continue this partnership into the new school year. That is why FCHS’s Student Council would love to give a huge thank you to him for making this mentorship possible, as well as to the Student Government Association for working with them over the course of the year.

The FCHS Student Council hopes this relationship continues to develop more in the future!

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