Interested in joining a family of more than 50 men and women dedicated to helping serve and protect the citizens of Morehead and Rowan County by serving as a firefighter and first responder?

The Morehead Fire Department may just be the family you are looking for and is now accepting applications.

MFD Chief Jeff Anderson said he hopes to get about 10 recruits to join the winter recruit class.

“We are looking for people with a lot of work ethic that are willing to train hard to become firefighters in a very busy fire district,” Anderson said.

The positions demands work ethic because the MFD is called on about 1,000 times a year to respond to various incidents.

“We are constantly on the move responding to live fires, wrecks, alarms at businesses and residences, and much more,” the chief said. “Then we also have the other side where we are a part of various rescue groups and act as first responders.”

The recruit class typically meets twice a week along with multiple Saturdays to achieve the 150 hours of training required by the state to become a certified volunteer firefighter.

It typically takes about three months to complete the training.

“It’s a very time demanding class, but we try to work around the group’s schedules to find the best days of the week to train,” he said.

Anderson said there is an entry-level exam that includes a “pretty standard” agility test to make sure the recruit can do the basic moves such as carrying ladders and pulling hose. There is also an interview session.

“It doesn’t matter if you have experience in the field of firefighting, we can typically make it work,” he said. “We are also more than willing to work with firefighters from other agencies that have moved into our fire district due to a new job or schooling here at Morehead State.”

The chief said along with the regularly scheduled meetings and a few Saturdays, local fire schools with specific classes and training will also be periodically assigned.

Anderson said there is no expense to join the program as instructors, books, and Personal Protective Equipment are all furnished by the department.

He added depending on the scenario, there may even be a place to reside at the station.

The chief said that being the only volunteer fire department in the state that covers and protects a state university keeps the department on their toes at all times and creates for a very busy volunteer position.

“Of our about 1,000 runs a year, more than 200 of those are wrecks and we also cover the large university in MSU,” he said. “We also have many different specialty teams that keep us busy.”

He added that aside from the new role of serving and protecting, you also become part of a large family in which everyone has each other’s back.

“We are a big family and that is one reason we really like these recruit classes,” the chief said. “The recruit class really bonds together and creates long lasting friendships. Those friendships also continue as you work your way onto the department with other firefighters.”

Jarred Moore, lieutenant and 2013 recruit class graduate, said the decision to join was one of the best he’s made.

“The Morehead Fire Department recruit class not only prepares you for every type of emergency situation we encounter daily, but also prepares you to be an outstanding citizen of this great city,” Moore said.

For more information or to fill out an application, visit MFD Station 2 at 3175 Flemingsburg Road. Anderson said it may be best to call the station at 780-7773 and make sure to leave a voicemail if no one answers.

Brad Stacy can be reached at or by telephone at 784-4116.