Morehead citizens danced down Main Street to show unity and town pride for Morehead’s 150th year as a city in a new video by the city of Morehead.

The video was taken at noon July 3 as part of Fazoli’s Freedom Fest in collaboration with downtown businesses including The Citizens Bank, New Frontier Outfitters and the Morehead Police Department.

“I think it’s a neat thing, something fun and different to kind of be silly and just have a good time and kind of bring the downtown groups together,” said Ryan Neff of The Citizens Bank.

The dance stretched from The Citizen’s Bank to Pasquale’s where residents joined the group to lip-sync along with a song chosen by the city of Morehead.

“We are trying to do something to promote unity and collaboration among the city and something that just puts off a very positive vibe by showing inclusiveness and really, just our welcoming community,” said Morehead Mayor Laura White-Brown.

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