MOREHEAD – Is a hidden gem located on Morehead’s Main Street? Judges of the 2019 Martha Layne Collins Award believe so.

New Frontier Outfitters took home an award for excellence in international trade last month. It was in the “micro-enterprise” category of the award mentioned above.

Currently, the business, which started in a kitchen, now provides an income for seven people. It all started with a pair of brothers, a laptop, a few hundred dollars and some passion.

Joshua and Jared Ravenscraft founded New Frontier on the idea they could improve the Appalachian region. They believe a unique outdoor clothing brand could start this movement.

“We want to bring good things back to Appalachia,” Joshua said.

“By focusing on putting people first, crafting innovative, eco-friendly, clothing, we will continue to provide people with the highest quality gear for their everyday journey,” the brothers told the Kentucky World Trade Center, an international trade consulting organization in Lexington.

They started a couple of years ago with hats and sold them street side around Morehead. It wasn’t long before they launched an online store with an expanded line of clothing.

New Frontier has seen an 835% increase in online sales over 2018 figures, according to Joshua.

They’ve shipped globally, first to Canada and furthest to Israel and Afghanistan. A soldier, who was not able to be home for the holidays, requested the brand's clothing for Christmas.

Until now, the brothers have “bootstrapped” their efforts and built and earned everything they have accomplished. Investors have not been part of the business.

But that might change soon as the brand grows. It is being worn by celebrities like Channing Tatum, Tyler Booth and members of the country band “Midland.”

They hope the exposure helps land investors willing to buy into their brand.

Joshua says they use the same manufacturing outlets as larger brands to buy their base clothing. Then they customize it with their branding.

Their marketing plan is interesting, too. They have only used social media and word of mouth to spread their name.

“Word of mouth, I think, is bigger than social media,” Joshua added.

The brothers have a vision of one day having many stores across the region. Their headquarters would stay in Morehead. They’re currently in Switchback Cycling’s former space, with which they share a lease on the property.

Joshua describes his prices as “blue-collar.” They want to keep their products affordable. Most products are between $20 and $50. He added that about half of his base product is produced in the United States.

The brothers attempt to source what they need for their operation from local sources, whenever possible.

Their storefront, located at 139 E. Main Street, is open 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

For more information, call (606) 462-7140, find them on Facebook or visit

Reach Cory at or by phone at (606) 784-4116.

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