The proposed change would move Rep. Rocky Adkins out of Rowan County into the 99th District. All of Rowan would be in the 71st District of Rep. John Will Stacy.


As was nearly the case a year ago, Rowan County would lose State Rep. Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook, under terms of a legislative redistricting bill which cleared the House on Wednesday by a vote of 53-46.

Adkins, who has represented six of Rowan’s 16 precincts for 11 years, including the Morehead State University campus, would end up with all of Carter and Elliott counties and part of Boyd County. He loses all of Lawrence County.

All of Rowan County would be in the 71st District of Rep. John Will Stacy, D-West Liberty, who currently represents the other 12 precincts.

Stacy’s new district boundaries would consist of all of Rowan, Morgan and Wolfe counties. He would give up Menifee County.

Currently, Stacy represents only a few precincts in Wolfe County.

Adkins, the No. 2 ranking person in the Kentucky House, is the majority floor leader and has run unopposed for several terms.

His 99th District would be revamped and include part of Boyd and all of Carter and Elliott counties.

A similar redistricting bill passed in the 2012 legislative session but later rejected by the Kentucky Supreme Court as unconstitutional.

It remains unclear if the Kentucky Senate will consider a redistricting bill or wait until the 2014 session.

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