The Morehead News no longer is just a semi-weekly newspaper reporting local news on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    The paper’s website at has become an online newspaper that can be updated at any time with breaking news and other important information.

    “We are pleased to be the first full-time news and information source to serve the Morehead area on a 24-hour, 7-day basis,” said Stephanie Ockerman, the newspaper’s managing editor. 

    “In addition to so-called ‘hard’ news, we will be posting timely, factual information about civic activities, death notices, public safety messages, sports results and other topics you normally find in a community newspaper,” she added.

    New 24-hour e-mail and telephone access have been created for the public to advise the news staff of breaking news at or by phone or text messaging at 356-5953.

    “To demonstrate our commitment to our readers, the newspaper’s leadership team is staffing the e-mail, phone and text operations night and day to make sure we can receive, verify and post the news as quickly as possible,” Ockerman said.  “Also, emergency responders in Rowan County have received the new e-mail address and phone number by which they can reach our 24/7 newsroom at any time.”

    Ockerman said material published on the website will be concise but will include the pertinent facts of each story.

    “We will continue to give our readers more details in the print versions of The Morehead News but no one will have to wait until we publish to have the key elements of the news,” she added.

    Ockerman said the newspaper is developing access to its website for mobile devices such as cellphones and portable computers.

    Also in the works is the “e-edition”, a process of posting online replicas of the actual newspaper on the same day it appears on the street.

    She noted that the appearance of breaking news on the paper’s website between newspaper editions began several months ago on a trial basis but now happens on a daily basis.

    Keith Kappes, publisher of The Morehead News, described the 24/7 commitment as a “bold and exciting step forward for a community-based, multi-media news and information company operating in today’s technology-driven environment.”

    He stated:

    “Our intention is to make it as simple as possible for our readers to access the news and information they want and need in their daily lives. At the same time, we are growing our print and online readership for the benefit of our advertisers and their customers.”

    For the month of August, an average of 12,000 persons read each printed issue of The Morehead News and another 18,000 persons visited the paper’s website during the month, a total audience of 30,000.

    “The newspaper industry is evolving with the times and our company is pledged to developing and delivering quality products on both platforms as quickly and effectively as our resources will permit,” Kappes concluded.

    The Morehead News has been serving the Rowan County area since 1883.


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