Editor’s Note: Friday’s story concerning the fiscal court budget contained some errors. What follows is a corrected article concerning the voting:

Although the Rowan County Fiscal Court approved the 2008-09 budget, magistrates Ray White and Nick Caudill are against the financial plan due to the county holding back funds for the Clyde A Thomas Morehead/Rowan County Regional Airport and the Rowan County Arts Center.

White said the airport board received $15,000 in county funding this past year and $12,000 from the city. This year, both the county and city budgeted only $3,000 each and White said he doesn’t agree with the airport being cut 75 percent.

“This new airport plays a vital role in our community,” White said. “I just don’t agree with cutting their funding within a year of them opening. It’s just not in the best interest of the county or city. The airport is a key component in the overall economic development infrastructure, which ultimately affects the tax revenue brought into our county. I strongly believe the county and city has a responsibility to maintain their funding.”

Likewise, Caudill continues to support the Rowan County Arts Center and voted against the budget based on the group’s funding being cut.

The county will continue to pay utilities and debt service for the arts center in the amount of about $175,000. But Caudill said regardless of what group worked out of the old courthouse, the county would pay those particular expenses.

“I just think the fiscal court should continue to fund the arts board for at least another year or until they get their feet on the ground,” Caudill said. “We gave them $10,000 last year and that’s been cut out. They do receive a little income from renting some of the studios. But, I think the county should continue to help them.”

The arts center will receive $10,000 this year from the city of Morehead.

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