And who says dogs don't smile? These three are romping at Tin Woof! Inn.

They’re certainly having a tail-wagging good time at the new Tin Woof! Inn. And the two-legged guests seem to enjoy the exciting canine compound, too!

“To me, it’s about responsible pet ownership,” Gale Templeton, who along with her husband Scott owns and operates the boarding/training facility on Nichols Branch in Clearfield, told The Morehead News during an afternoon interview last week. She was describing the different programs Tin Woof! Inn offers – everything from short-term and long-term boarding to all sorts of specialized training. Some lucky pooches just get to have a good time during their daily romps as ‘Doggie Day Care’ participants.

“With good training it’s a matter of the owner understanding the dog and the consistency of the training and the treatment,” she said. “They both learn.”

While Tin Woof! Inn sounds great to an interested pet owner (they have all kinds of colorful brochures and business information) on paper, the facility is really a sight to behold. Literature does not do it justice. Large, clean enclosures provide the housing while Templeton utilizes massive outdoor training and play lots for all wet-nosed students. Different yards and pens keep everyone separate and playing nicely unless socialization time is underway.

“The dogs really do love it out here,” she said with four leaping and bounding pooches (that’s 16 paws total!) taking a romp under her watchful eye. “They do have a good time and they learn a lot, too.”

A tour of the recently opened business is an absolute lesson in canine care and compassion. Associated and involved with several different national and international agencies related with dogs, dog care, dog training and dog rescue, it’s evident from stepping inside that this is a great place for dogs! Templeton even had a few of her personal pets (that are each national-champs several times over in the agility and training fields) come out for a visit this afternoon.

Tin Woof! Inn just completed its’ first beginning obedience class that consisted of five teams and the introductory agility class sent three teams through the courses. A team consists of handler and dog; with a smile Templeton alluded to which was the better student.

“Part of the process is training the handler, too,” she said. “The dog is generally easier to train but it’s a lesson for both. I encourage the whole family to come along for the classes – that’s actually best for the dog.”

Whichever service customer chose, each animal is given a personal evaluation to work up the best kind of training plan. Want to learn to jump through a tire? No sweat. Have trouble with wet spots on the living room run? Gotcha covered. How about sit, stay and come? They do it all at Tin Woof! Inn.

Roma Prindle of Morehead signed her terrier-mix ‘Opie’ up for a training class and was thrilled with the results.

“I had boarded him and had seen the equipment and thought that would be a fun thing for us to do,” Prindle said. “I’d seen the dog agility courses on TV and thought it would be good for him to learn a little discipline.

“And Opie just had a blast – we had four lessons and he did really well with the training. The best thing for him was that he learned socialization with other dogs. He’s not around other dogs that much so that was good for his development – and he had fun getting to know those other dogs. I would recommend this for anyone with a dog – I’ll certainly be back, Opie and I both will.”

For a great illustration, Gale brought out ‘Midi’ to zip through the course and leap through the hoop. Midi has taken many national championships and is also a certifield therapy dog. The helpful pair goes to LifeCare Center in Morehead each Tuesday at 1 p.m. to visit the residents; Midi usually licks faces while Gale is happy to shake hands and smile. On these visits, Midi is the star.

Puppy Manners, Agility I and Beginner Obedience classes are set to start this winter

“I grew up with border collies and my husband and I met working at a pet facility in St. Louis,” Templeton said. “We were successful in Phoenix with this type business and circumstances brought us back to Kentucky.

“All the family I have in the world is right here and we’ve been back since last December. All the construction, all the plans, all the certification and paperwork we’ve done since February.”

Tin Woof! Inn, located at 201 Nichols Branch, Clearfield, is open Monday – Friday, 7-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m.; Saturday 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.; Sunday 4-6 p.m. and by appointment.

For more information on any of the boarding or training opportunities, call 606-356-1025. Or drive out for a visit, your dog will certainly be glad you made the trip!

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