The Rowan County Board of Education voted unanimously last week to pay Supt. Marvin Moore a monthly car allowance instead of providing him with a board-owned vehicle.

The change was approved on a motion by Bill Redwine and a second by Danny Mabry.

Moore also will be allowed to continue using a board-issued credit card for travel expenses.

“If you work for a corporation, they might provide a company car licensed in the name of the company or pay you a vehicle allowance that you could use to buy or lease,”Redwine said.

The car allowance of $800 monthly is for him to buy or lease a vehicle of his own choosing.

Redwine said the car previously used by Moore will be rotated in the school district’s vehicle fleet and an older vehicle will be sold as


Moore himself was concerned about how the contract change would be interpreted.

“This is not a pay raise,” he said. “It is simply redistributing the approximate amount the board has been paying for me to drive a car owned by the school district,” the superintendent said.

“Instead of providing him a car with unlimited mileage, the allowance is $800 a month he will use to buy or lease a car of his own,” Redwine said.

He added that the mileage Moore travels to schools across the district is a minimal expenditure and it is not going to cost the district any more money.

“We’ve been providing a vehicle before, Redwine said. “Now he can have his own vehicle and the vehicle he had been using is now for district use.”

The Morehead News received calls from citizens who read the board’s meeting minutes and assumed Moore had received a pay raise.

“I’m not surprised someone might be upset by it but, in grand scheme of things, it’s the board’s objective to provide the district superintendent with a vehicle or reimbursement of mileage. It’s a contractual agreement between the board and superintendent.”

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