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Michael Davis from Back Alley Tattoos brought in school supplies that had been generously donated. There were enough donations to assist not just one classroom, but many classrooms across the school.

Pencils, pens, paper, glue sticks, rulers, pencil cases, crayons, markers, scissors as well as facial tissues and hand sanitizer. The cost of purchasing school supplies can be daunting for some families. The proprietors and staff of one local business, Back Alley Tattoos, decided to make it their project to collect donations of school supplies at their business.

Teachers often spend their own money to ensure that students have the school supplies that they need, a fact that was not lost on Michael Davis, father-in-law of McBrayer Elementary School teacher Bethany Wagoner. To help both his daughter-in-law as well as her students, Davis posted a message on his business’ Facebook page encouraging his customers, and anyone else who was interested, to donate school supplies.

Hoping that he would collect enough school supplies to help fill the needs of the students in her class, Wagoner was genuinely surprised when her father-in-law showed up at the entrance to McBrayer Elementary School with enough school supplies to help students in several classes. Bag after bag after bag filled with the much-needed school supplies were delivered to the school.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for what they’ve done. What started out as a donation to just my classroom ended up going to classrooms across the school,” said Wagoner. “People have a hard time grasping just how much teachers are actually spending out of their own pockets for our students. These donations are very helpful for both the students and the teachers.”

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