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Dozens of Knapp Avenue residents attended last week’s monthly City Council meeting to express concerns over logging at the end of their street.


It was standing room only last Monday night during Morehead City Council’s regularly scheduled meeting as about 30 Knapp Avenue residents were there to share concerns over logging at the end of their street.

This isn’t the first time the residents have come forward.

Since at least 2015, residents have been rather regular in attending Council meetings sharing their concerns about logging.

In 2015, complaints focused on quality of life, such as the disappearance of animals and the inability to walk and jog with big trucks driving by. Children playing on the streets was beginning to worry parents.

Last year, the complaints grew into the concern for noise, the condition of the roadway, and the impact of water sources.

Now, residents say all those issues are coming to fruition along with massive flooding that they, including those who say they have lived there for longer than 50 years, have never seen before.

Multiple residents said thousands of dollars of damage are being done to their property, along with forcing the city’s public works department to spend a lot of time and money as well cleaning up flooding debris.

The possibility of property values decreasing next valuation is also a major concern.

Former Mayor Jim Tom Trent said last year that at the time, the logging occurring was going by the books. He said Kentucky is an agricultural state so the city couldn’t tell people what they can harvest on their private property.

Looking to find a solution to the flooding and other detriments, Council agreed to allow current Mayor Laura White-Brown to move forward on these complaints by seeking out a law firm that specializes in such issues.

White-Brown said until a solution can be made on the logging, other concerns such as speed, size of truck, noise ordinance violations, and other law violations should be directly reported to the Morehead Police Department.

All Council members agreed this issue should be the number one priority and expedited as quickly as possible.

MPD Chief Derrick Blevins said he has already ordered his officers to increase their patrol in the area and will continue looking into violations in that specific area of town.

To provide a vehicle violation tip, contact the MPD at 784-7511.

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