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If you are illegally dumping in Rowan County you may want to watch your back or your wallet could take a big hit.

The county, along with Tyler Brown, director of solid waste services, is asking for the public’s help in identifying illegal dump sites with the mission of punishing those committing the crime.

“We are actively looking for dump sites with the hopes of catching those in the act who are creating these unsightly blemishes in our community,” Brown said. “However, not only is it unsightly, but extremely unhealthy to others depending on what is being dumped.”

Brown has been in this role for a few years and he sees dumping as a large problem within county lines.

“It’s a big problem, especially with littering along the roadsides,” he said. “You may not be able to see it when the grass is higher in the summertime, but when the grass is cut and when winter rolls around you will really see that littering is greatly affecting the area.

Brown said people will dump anything, from televisions to basic household trash. He said it appears there’s quite a few people who just don’t care to litter.

The manager said currently the county is utilizing security cameras to catch those in the act.

“We have surveillance equipment that is of much better quality and much cheaper than what we had in years past,” Brown said. “We are placing this technology in various locations in the community and are tracking down who is damaging the environment.”

Brown said sites are being called into magistrates and the judge’s office from people out in the community.

“It’s great to see that people care about keeping our county litter free,” he said.

He added that the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office and Detective Donnie Hall have been a big help in following up leads and charging those responsible.

“We have even had some of the sites cleaned up by those responsible,” Brown said.

Brown reiterates that there are cameras and people watching and if you get caught then you are definitely going to be held accountable.

“You may not know when or where, but we will be watching,” said Brown. “We want to keep this county as clean and safe as possible, and that includes catching and prosecuting those who dump illegally.”

Brown asks the public to call his office to inform him of any known dump sites in the county.

“It’s one of those things that we often don’t know of the situation until you tell us,” he said. “Please call and make us aware of any illegal dumping so we can take the proper steps to insure it doesn’t happen again.”

Brown utilizes the Rowan County Detention Center Inmate Program to help clean up dump sites.

Dumping and littering in the county is subject to maximum penalties of a $500 fine and up to 12 months in jail.

To contact Brown, call 784-6345 or visit his office in Room 152 of the Rowan County Courthouse. Your tips may remain anonymous.

Brad Stacy can be reached at or by telephone at 784-4116.