This October the Fuzzy Duck Coffeeshop will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

It hasn’t turned out the way Dan and Marge Thomas planned.

Twenty-five years ago the Thomases had taken early retirement from Morehead State University and thought maybe a coffee shop, open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., would give them a happy place to stay connected to their community.

When Book Haven moved downtown, there was space left over, and so the dream became real.

More than a few locals suggested nobody would pay a dollar for a cup of coffee.

But Dan Thomas had a vision of a small, cozy place – like the TV show “Cheers,” only dry – where everyone knows your name. Or at least your story.

The hours changed quickly. The menu changed constantly. Eventually, after two floods, the location changed, as well.

Twenty-five years later Dan and Marge Thomas, along with daughter Susan Thomas and son-in-law Grant Alden, oversee the Fuzzy Duck, CoffeeTree Books, and A Good Yarn. Dan and Marge’s dream has become a gathering spot for locals, a destination for travelers and wayward politicians, a home for needle crafters, and, yes, a place where Dan greets early risers each morning with a smile, a cup of coffee, and their horoscope.

Over the years many faces have come and gone. Students have worked their way through school pouring coffee and toasting bagels, and groups have gathered for meetings, concerts, and spelling bees. Romances have blossomed, and warm memories have been made.

In celebration of the Fuzzy Duck’s 25th anniversary a guest book has been placed in the shop for former employees to check in, stickers will be printed, and other fun will be announced on social media.

And, no: Dan will not tell you where the name came from.

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