A few details need clarification from a story last week about the retirement of Sandi Crisp from US Bank. Roy Caudill was not a son of Roger and Terry Caudill, only Jim and Don. Roy Caudill was a cousin of Roger Caudill. The Morehead News regrets the error.

From the age of 18 to retirement, Sandi Crisp spent her days working for what is now the US Bank.

Crisp began working on June 15, 1969, after being interviewed by owner Roger Caudill, Roy Caudill and Hobert Lacey. Through the difficulty of changing ownership multiple times and her battle with cancer, Crisp retired in 2019 shortly after completing 50 years of service in banking.

“I graduated high school when I was 17, so I went to college and decided teaching probably wasn’t for me,” said Crisp. “I applied at the bank after I finished my first year of college.”

Roger Caudill passed away only a few years after Crisp began her career, and shortly after, his sons Jim, Roy and Don decided that banking was not for them. The bank was sold to multiple different companies over the years including People’s, People’s First, TransFinancial, Star and First Star before sticking with US Bank.

“With all of the different banks, every bank did things different,” said Crisp. “It was a constant learning, constant change. It was a good experience for me although it was hectic, very hectic.”

After working at the Main Street office for 18 years, she transferred to the Pinecrest office where she was a manager, and after the bank changed to full service, she decided to supervise tellers as opposed to working with loans.

Crisp found that she had breast cancer in 2002, and in 2018 her battle continued when she had to have a full hysterectomy due to stage 1 cancer.

“The Lord was good to me and my family with I was able to go back to work and finish my 50 years,” said Crisp.

Although Crisp said she looks forward to relaxing and working with her church, where she plans to spend time visiting people who are not able to attend church services, she said she will miss the staff, who she grew very close to over her 50 years.

“We have and have had a wonderful staff. We’re like family,” said Crisp. “I really love and appreciate them. They call me mom. I was the mom, I guess.”

Crisp’s favorite part of working at US Bank was seeing the customers.

“I learned to appreciate them and they learned to appreciate me and have confidence in me,” she said.

She and her husband Estill are the parents of two children, Brian Crisp and Stephanie Kidd, and have four grandchildren.