With the hopes of opening within the next few weeks, the Sheltowee Falls Splash Pad has hit a major snag as announced during Monday’s City Council meeting.

Rodney Fouch, city planner and building inspector, said that the side of the fiberglass tank which holds the facility’s water underground had collapsed, cracked, and separated from some of the pipes.

“We don’t know what happened,” Fouch said. “We plan on having a truck in on Wednesday to help carefully excavate the tank so we can get a better look at what we are dealing with.”

Fouch said when he was first notified he thought that maybe someone had run over the tank at some point, but after looking at it he said he had no idea since it was crumbled in from the side.

“It’s not at all what we wanted to hear, but as soon as we got a grip of what occurred we contacted all of those involved in the project to set up a meeting this week,” he said.

Fouch said as far as repair estimates, the excavation and repair of pipes could cost up to $12,000.

“The status of the tank is the big question though,” he said.

Council member Tom Carew asked if in Fouch’s opinion everything was installed correctly and to specifications.

Fouch said it appears, but he won’t know for sure until the tank is above ground.

Bob Greiwe, president of DWA Recreation who sold the splash pad, said there is a one-year warranty on the tank, however, in his 31 years in the business they’ve never had a fiberglass tank buckle.

Greiwe and Fouch both said that every company that participated in the project are meeting this week with the hope of the tank being excavated by the end of Wednesday.

“Everyone thus far has been great to work with since we found out about this,” Fouch said. “Everyone will be in this week to find out what happened and how we can best solve the issue.”

Mayor Laura White-Brown reminded Council that there is no money in their budget for repairs to the pad so a budget amendment will most likely be needed.

In unfinished business, Council unanimously passed the second reading of an ordinance:

• Increasing service rates and charges for use of water.

• Adopting the budget of the Morehead Utility Plant Board for next fiscal year.

• Amending the Morehead Recreation, Tourism, and Convention Commission’s current fiscal year budget and approving next year’s.

• Repealing and replacing Chapter 154 of the city zoning code.

• Making Fifth Street a one-way street heading west.

• Passing the city’s budget for next year.

In new business: Council approved:

• A municipal order to adopt a field training program for the Morehead Police.

• A municipal order reappointing Robin Mirus and David Dummer to the Board of Zoning Adjustments.

• Creating the job description and pay grade for the receptionist/facility coordinator position for the recreation department.

• The first reading of an ordinance addressing stormwater quality, establishing a management fee, billing procedures, and classification of property and request for correction procedures.

All things city government such as meeting videos, agendas, and more details on discussed ordinances can be viewed at http://morehead-ky.gov/.

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