Groups of five children escaped from the Rowan County Public Library June 27, but they weren’t running from books.

The library hosted its first escape room, a game where children aged 13 to 18 completed puzzles to find the combinations to various locks that led them out of the room. Escape rooms are a growing trend where people of all ages play.

“The kids looked like they enjoyed it and I really hope to move onto more age groups and hopefully more difficult breakout rooms,” said Shane Dyer, a library employee who organized the escape rooms.

Two rooms were set aside for the event with one being more difficult for experienced players.

The more difficult of the two rooms involved three locks with directional, color and word combinations.

To find the combinations, players were given 30 minutes to solve puzzles and find hints around the room using a blacklight and the hints they were given.

Neither of the first two groups solved all of the puzzles to escape the room, but Dyer hopes to continue hosting escape rooms in the future to expand the opportunity to more children.

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