2018 Rowan County Candidate Forum

Elwood Caudill Jr.

In a race that garnered nationwide attention, Democrat Elwood Caudill has defeated incumbent Kim Davis for Rowan County Clerk.

The unofficial vote totals were Caudill, 4,210; Davis, 3,566.

Davis, a Republican, made headlines when she refused to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

The candidates shied away from the issue of LGBTQ rights during their campaigns. Davis focused on her 30 years in the office. Caudill, an employee of the PVA’s office, said he would serve all customers equally and provide friendly customer service.

The last precinct didn’t come in to the courthouse until 7:55 p.m. Tuesday night but the outcome was the same.

Here are the winners with 19 of 19 precincts reporting:

Harry Clark, a Democrat, defeated Republican Don Hall, 4,267 to 3,491. Clark is a former magistrate and Hall served as jailer for 17 years.

Incumbent magistrate of District 1, Democrat Ray White, defeated Republican Nick Pecco, 967 to 937.

Incumbent magistrate of District 2, Democrat Darrell Glover defeated Republican challenger Jerry Flannery, a former magistrate, 1,509 to 960.

Incumbent magistrate of District 3, Democrat Charlie Winkleman defeated Mike Crouch, a Republican, 1,141 to 596.

Democrat Rob Hamm was the winner of magistrate District 3 over Republican Jerry Bowen, 817 to 762.

In the Morehead mayor’s race, incumbent Jim Tom Trent was defeated by Laura White-Brown, 717 to 679.

Larry Joe Stevens, a Democrat, defeated Republican Larry Dacci as constable District 4, 1,069 to 423.

Darrell Barber defeated Larry Thompson in Rowan County for Judge Court of Appeals, 7th Appellate District, 3,807 to 1,814.

The yes votes for Constitutional amendment Marsey’s Law were 4,006 compared to 2,753 for no.

Write-in votes were still being counted at press time on Tuesday night.