St. Claire HealthCare held its fourth annual ice cream social to celebrate the survival of cancer patients at the Center for Health, Education and Research Building across from the medical center.

Survivors and families were invited to the superhero themed event to honor the difficulties they faced through cancer.

“It’s all about, like, in the end, you’re living,” said Steven Knight, a current patient who is fighting colon cancer.

Knight attended the event dressed like a superhero called the Black Scarab to take photos with children and raise spirits.

“It’s not just the big guys and the heroes. It’s the little guys, too. It’s the kids,” said Knight.

Kids made capes and masks to be their own heroes.

St. Claire HealthCare’s new President and CEO Donald Lloyd gave a speech to all cancer survivors and staff.

“You not only inspire us, but you inspire those who are newly diagnosed,” he said.

Lloyd said cancer survivors are not just a great testament to the men and woman who are employees at St. Claire and the work they have done to get to recovery, but they are also a testament to what St. Claire can do. At the event, Dr. Mary Phillips spoke about the will of cancer patients during her 29 years at St. Claire and her retirement this December. “The most important lessons looking back are not about anatomy, not about diseases or treatments. I’ve learned the most in the everyday heroes I see,” said Phillips.

For questions about St. Claire’s oncology services, call 783-6625.

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